CNY : Prosperity Set CNY Character Macarons 20pcs

CNY : Prosperity Set CNY Character Macarons 20pcs

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CNY 2020  :  "Prosperity Set CNY Character Macarons 20pcs"

Each individual CNY Character Macaron size ~3.8cm is hand-crafted while keeping the almond baked shell in perfect condition and molding the CNY characters into individual shape and bringing it to life. This is not an easy task at all, but for the spirit of CNY! We've made it!

The Prosperity Set of 20pcs CNY Character Macarons consist of 

  • 12 Zodiac CNY Character Macarons
  • 1 Prosperity Boy & 1 Prosperity Girl
  • 2 Lucky Oranges
  • 4pcs of Macarons

Flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla etc.

These 20pcs Macarons will be packed into 2x10pcs Gold Pattern Gift-Box and Paper Bag.


  • Last Day to Order! Closing! 
    Delivery till 24 Jan 3pm, few slots left and 29 Jan onward till 8th February Last Day of CNY.
  • We do Delivery for Corporate/Personal Gifts island-wide in Singapore, just indicate in the Special Instructions, we will prepare complimentary gift-cards and message for you.
  • For Reunion Dinner or Company Luncheons, do order earlier to avoid delivery dates unavailable 
  • All CNY Macarons best consumed within 7 Days (kept refrigerated) and Cookies 30 Days (kept dry).  Macarons can be kept upto 14 Days when kept refrigerated, thaw in fridge 3hrs before consumption.