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Hotel/Cafe/Inflight/Caterer ... Either you are Hotel Chef sourcing, owner of Cafe, sourcing manager at Inflight Catering center or you are operation manager providing food catering business. You are sourcing for the best macarons to serve your guests or customers, Annabella Patisserie has the right solution for you. 

Factory Output Capabilities Annabella Patisserie has the capabilities of producing 100,000 macarons per month. All hand-crafted, and every single piece will be examined and go through the best quality check before it is being packed into the chilled box for delivery. 

Export to Asia and Middle East For countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Taiwan, China,Vietnam, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates etc. Please send your enquiry to our Representative will be in touch with you on your requirement.

Delivery & Packaging Annabella Patisserie provides Island-Wide delivery in Singapore with just minimum order of 50 pieces. Macarons are packed into cooling trays of 24 pieces per tray and these trays are packed into chilled-box. All macarons are delivered fresh daily. 

Customization Less sweet, any color, any flavour (including Mao-Shan King Durian flavor) are available at your request.

Sampling Please contact or +65 6591 8808 (Press 9) today to obtain sampling for your company. Please provide Business Name/UEN.


Nest Steps:

1. Email us at 
    or Call at +65 6591 8808 (Ext 9)
    or Whatsapp (Biz) +65 8823 8808 
    *Est No. of Volume/Deliveries Required
    *On-Site Visit is Provided FOC to help you understand your sales estimation

2. We will present a Proposal & Quotation for your Consideration

3. Order 2-3 Business Days before Delivery


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