Personalized Gift-Message Service with Complimentary Gift Card

Personalized Gift-Message Service with Complimentary Gift Card

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Sending a Gift?  MAKE THIS A GIFT Option at your Cart is the Best and Most valuable option. with just $5, with add  Ribbon  (Depending on size of products) + Complimentary Gift-Card.  Just click on the "Check-Box" for Make this a Gift" option as simple as that, leave the Gift-expert to handle the sweetness and adding little pixie dusts to your gift.

But if you just want a Gift-Card with Personalized Message Only! This Option at $2.00 is also available.  Gift-Card will be selected at random and matched your Gift-Message. 

*Photo for illustration.  Design is randomly selected. 

Max 50 words. Please indicate in the gift-message upon check-out



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Website faulty, messages mixed up, service recovery ok

I ordered three sets with messages to be delivered to three different locations. The website was faulty and didn’t capture my messages at the first instance, so I sent my order numbers and respective messages via whatsapp to the admin. Since the admin seemed blasé about my messages at first, I requested for said admin to send me images from each order to ensure the correct messages were going to the correct addresses. She said they were unable to do that but would ensure the messages were for the correct orders. Fast forward to delivery day, and sure enough, one of the orders received the wrong message. It was highly embarrassing for both the sender as well as the receiver! The recipient informed me about it, and I immediately informed the admin via whatsapp. Without missing a beat, the admin offered me a refund on the gift message, which I take to mean that this happens pretty often! Please understand that money is not the issue here, but the unhappiness of the recipient and the embarrassment of the giver is worth more than any recovery service you can offer. If I may offer two suggestions: (1) Please fix your website and (2) ask your admin not to call customers “dear” as it comes across as really condescending.

Lena Soon

had to retype the msg again, coz the first time didn't capture.

Thanks for the happiness

Thanks for the happiness. Much appreciated

Amelia cheng
Brownie birthday cake

Simple cake , self decor with colorful macarons.
With the birthday topper n candle provided it beautiful. Size of cake just nice for 13 of us

Mira P
Keto Tiramisu Cake

My friend devoured the cake! It was delicious and unavoidable!