Terms and Conditions


We are not lawyers, we are just a team of friendly bakers serving products that we are proud of to our beloved customers. No fine-prints, just a few words to ensure we have a common understanding while we try our best to serve you. The following terms & conditions apply to all sales by Annabella Patisserie Trading Pte Ltd or thru our partners.

    Refer to any products (i.e. Macaron) sold by Annabella Patisserie Trading Pte Ltd, regardless of payment channels or delivery channels used.

    Refers to Annabella Patisserie Trading Pte Ltd with UEN20140572W

    Refers to www.ABPatisserie.com www.ABP.sg or shop.ABP.sg

    Macarons are produced fresh almost daily, according to our experience and Chef's recommendation, Macarons are best to consumed 2nd-4th day after it's produced, it allows the flavor and taste to undergo the maturation process, and that is the time where you get the best flavor. During the maturation process, the macarons will be kept at the chiller (our own facility or delivery facility) at 3 degree celsius. Also, if you consume it immediately out of the fridge, you will find it a bit 'hard', as it is still cold, if you like it softer, let it 'warm up' at room-temperature for 10-15mins before eating them.  Best Consumed within 3 Days, keep refrigerated. 7 Days Freezer : to ensure freshness and best quality, we encourage macarons to be consumed within 3 days after you received it. Bear in mind that after we produced, we also kept in our chiller at 3 degree Celsius for 1-2 days to let the flavor to go through the maturation process, so the moment you receive them, best to consume all within 3 days. Please note that macarons are to be kept in the fridge at all time.  Only if you store the macarons in the freezer upon receiving them on the same day, then it can be kept up to 7 days. After removing from freezer, please allow the macaron to 'warm up' in the fridge (3-4 degree Celsius) for 2 hours before eating. The process of keeping in the freezer should be done once, and should not repeated.

    *These applies to Brownies/Cakes etc.  Bread (Room/Dry Temp 2 Days, Fridge 5 days)


    Delivery fulfilled by friendly riders, available from Monday to Sunday, we have the following options.

    FREE Shipping
    We offer this for the orders to be delivered within the next 14 days and with a specific amount spent per order during special promotional periods (e.g. Circuit Breaker, Weekend Holidays).  Free Shipping applicable for one address only, and daily schedule of 10am-4pm, there is no specific timing.  The Riders will deliver the products as soon as possible in batches across the day.  

    SPECIAL Shipping
    For $18 (or waived for $80 spent & above), you can choose the specific day (up to 6 months in advance) for your delivery and at 4-Hours Time Interval (e.g. 10am-2pm, 2pm-6pm), and this required to place order at least 3 days in advance. If there is no specific date mentioned in the order, we will schedule and deliver your items at best available slot or latest at day 4 from the order date.

    EXPRESS Shipping 
    For urgent orders, placed with in 3 days, you can choose $28 Express Shipping service.  If there is no specific date mentioned in the order, we will schedule and deliver your items at the best available slot or latest at day 3 from the order date.

    For all delivery services, please ensure there is someone at the recipient address to receive the item on your desired date/time, as any return items will incur additional re-delivery charges. ($18 for Re-delivery service)
    Re-Delivery service due to Recipient not at home at the specific date & time will be subjected to fees of $18.00 (including GST).

    For Collections/Self-Pickup:
    We have two venues for Self-Collection

    (i) Main Kitchen - 20 Bukit Batok Crescent #11-02 Singapore 658080 Daily 10am - 6pm

    (ii) Alternate Venue - Popup Stores (Please visit www.FB.com/ABPatisserie for latest locations)

    *Please confirm via whataspp 88238808 before proceeding to collect

    For party/important events, best is to have it scheduled delivery to you at least 4-6hrs or 1 day earlier for Choose our SPECIAL or EXPRESS Delivery Service at nominal fees. (e.g. if your event is at 8pm, have the mcarons delivered to you by 12pm. Just in case anything happen last minute, we can try to work out something for you.). It is highly recommended to do self-collection or use the premier delivery service.

    Changes to Delivery Date/Time or any changes in Product Options, Gift-Message, Handling etc, please whatsapp or Messenger Msg us at least 3 Days in advance and administrative fees of $10.70 (incl GST) applicable.  Fees is waived if it is a upgrade request and top-up value exceed $30 or fall within same day as the order date.  The reason for the charges as your order is immediately printed and send to preparation room the next day, and the Chefs will start schedule to prepare your order accordingly, and delivery partner is informed of your desired delivery date and address.  Any changes to this order, there will be manual interventions of at least 5 different parties being informed, therefore it is a resource intensive process, but we do recognize some change is required due to urgency or unforeseen circumstances.  

    Once products has been shipped out, received or opened, we can't provide any cancellation or refund. For unsatisfactory of products or services, do escalate immediately to us at Whatsapp 88238808 or Messenger M.Me/ABPatisserie, the Management will review the case immediately, and refund will be applicable on case by case basis.

    Any cancellation or change of mind, please whatsapp or Messenger Message us 7 days in Advance, Full Refund will be provided  else 50% Refund if < 7 Days.

    For macarons delivered that was damaged in the process, please contact us wtihin the same hour upon received of the item at Whatsapp 88238808 or Messenger m.me/ABpatisserie for one to one exchange will be provided upon stock availability or refund will be provided. But please note that as these are Macarons, shells are very fragile, for light cracks or chip off, these cannot be exchange or refund. But we will review case by case basis, seek your kind understanding.

    All bakers and Pastry Chefs are NEA Hygiene-course Certified, rest assured our products are produced fresh with high quality assured. We also hope our customers play their part in terms of hygiene, ensure basic hygiene is followed i.e wash hand, clean utensils are used. The Company holds no responsibility if any mishandling of food before consumption. Please inform us immediately if the package is opened or has been tampered with when you received it, the product should be kept inside the box/tray without signs of being tampered with, please do not consume and contact us at Whatsapp 88238808 or Messenger m.me/ABPatisserie immediately.

    We really hope that you love our products after many hours of preparation and hand-crafting every single piece, for some reason, if you really hate our product, please do send your feedback to feedback@abp.sg or Whatsapp 88238808 or Messenger m.me/ABpatisserie and we love to hear from you and we will make any small or big improvement in near future.

    The products sold by us are provided for private domestic and consumer use only. Accordingly, we do not accept liability for any indirect or indirect loss, loss of data, income or profit, loss of damage to property and/or loss from claims of third parties arising out of the use of the Website or for any products purchased from us.

    Where we have requested information from you to provide delivery of products to you. You have authorizde us to use, store or otherwise process your personal information in order to provide the delivery of products to you. We have taken all reasonable steps to prevent fraud and ensure any data collected from you is stored as securely and safely as possible. However, we cannot be held liable in the extremely unlikely event of a breach in our secure computer servers or those of third parties.

    The purpose of this document (“Data Protection Policy”) is to inform you of how we manage Personal Data which is subject to the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (No. 26 of 2012) (“the Act”). Please take a moment to read this Data Protection Policy so that you know and understand the purposes for which we collect, use and disclose your Personal Data.

    By interacting with us, submitting information to us, you agree and consent to us for disclosing Personal Data to the Companies' authorised service providers and relevant third parties in the manner set forth in this Data Protection Policy.

    Your Personal Data
    Refers to any data and/or information about you, including but not limited to i. Name, Email Address, Residential or Work address, Contact Numbers etc.

    Collection of Personal Data
    We collect your personal data when you submit a request to deliver the product or services to you via our website or through third-party providers, or when you visited our website, we collected information via use of Cookies to identify your browsing activities and to better serve you by understanding the products you intending to purchase.

    Purposes for the Collection, Use and Disclose of your Personal Data
    Generally. we may collect, use, disclose and/or retain your data for the following purposes: i. deliver the product/services to you, such data will be shared with our transport provider inorder to fulfill the service to you. ii. to assist you with any enquiry iii. to process payment iv. to keep you updated on latest product or promotions v. to conduct research, surveys or analytic purposes.

    Marketing/Optional Purposes
    From time to time, we may contact you via mail, email, call or SMS or on social media platforms to inform you our latest product or information.

    Protection of your Data
    We maintain appropriate security safeguards and practices to protect your Personal Data.

    Withdrawal of Consent
    If you wish to withdraw your consent to any use or disclosure of your Personal Data, you may email us at Personal.Data.Protection.Act@ABPatisserie.com

    LASTLY .... 
    Just want to Thank You for your support, we are indeed very proud that we have achieved 90% success rate of serving returning customers. Either you are new or returning customers, THANK YOU!