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Sugar Free | Keto Friendly | Low Carb | Gluten free | Hazelnut Cake Upsize 18x18 cm | $69.90 nett

Sugar Free | Keto Friendly | Low Carb | Gluten free | Hazelnut Cake Upsize 18x18 cm | $69.90 nett

通常価格 $69.90 SGD
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Sugar Free Hazelnut Cake 

After many rounds of R&Ds, our chef team finally managed to create a Keto friendly version of our best seller Hazelnut Crunchy Cake. 

No table sugar is added into this Keto Friendly Hazelnut Cake. The cake consists of tender chocolate sponge cake made from almond flour, a layer of chopped roasted hazelnuts and hazelnut paste for the slight nice crunch, hazelnut chocolate mousse and chocolate glaze. The cake is decorated with cocoa nibs and roasted hazelnut. . 

Ingredients: Almond Flour, Butter, Eggs, Whipping Cream, Hazelnut Paste, Hazelnut, Cocoa Powder, Xylitol, Eggs, Salt, Baking Powder,  Gelatine (Fish).

Size: 18x18 cm. Weight: 900 gram

Important Note: Do NOT feed this to your pets, because Xylitol is not suitable to be consumed by dogs. 

Nutrition Facts (per 100 gram): Calories 376 | Carbs 6.12 gr | Fat 31.73 gr | Protein 8.53 gr

*Note: Does not contain sugar (sucrose), sugar substitute Xylitol is used instead.  Dairy ingredients may contain minimal amount of lactose.


          Customer Reviews

          Based on 6 reviews

          My family loves your keto cakes a lot!! Thank u for having this healthy option:) please bake more flavours!!

          George 337
          Good Service and Very Jaws-Drop NICE cake

          Before I ordered my: 1) Unicorn Macaron Tower, 2) 18x18cm Hazelnut Cake & 3) 6pcs Macarons in Gift Box (Premium 1), I saw a just-posted-up review that "send the wrong item"...
          I thought I would not be so "un-Lucky", as I've stated my requirements with date & timing in the remark very clearly. And I also what's app msg and chat with the very nice young lady, Pei Wen (If I'm not wrong of her name). We've very nice chat and I've also repeated my requirements ( One of the important of it is I need to received the items b4 1230 and head for the celebration for total of 13 guests which included 7 B-day "Babies" [Oldest is 80+yr old and youngest is 12yrs old] at a downtown restaurant with the table booking at 1330.)
          On 8 Oct 23 when I received the item at nearly 1pm, it was delivered by a guy that sub-let by Lalamove. When I noticed the cake was the wrong (smaller) size and shortage of one set of B-day Topper with candles, that delivery guy said he've no idea. And of course he will not help to call and check as he's only the sub-let party of delivery.
          In such a short timing, i need to call ( Lucky, the office is still open) and take photos ( with measuring tape on the cake) to prove it was the wrong size.
          Really very fortunate that the one received call if I'm not wrong again it was Pei Wen, and she quickly make decision n arrangement to send the right size cake straight to the restaurant.
          Thanks heap, Pei Wen! For your excellent service!
          The Unicorn Tower, the out look is already a "WOW!" factor to all my guests. The little bit of the downside is it's a bit too sweet, especially our gov is trying to encourage us to have less-sugar :P
          I do understand this is the standard of sweetness for Macaron (Especially in Europe). I just personally think that with this sweetness, it would be very perfect to go with no-sugar black coffee.
          The other issue is due to to build the 43 Macarons into a tower, the Macarons are too "sticking-hard" difficult to "pull out". As everyone know that Macaron is not hard biscuit kind of "biscuit". May be the production side can improve this in the future to avoid the mess in every guest's hand?
          As for the Hazelnut cake, it's really a MUST MUST MUST buy. All my guest love it very very much, beside from the reason it's sugar-free/Keto-friendly/Low-Carb/Gluten-free. The taste and sweetness... everything is really really jaws-drop good... Yummy!
          I still give a 5-stars review is because I really like the service and the quality of the cake/Macarons.
          I just hope that the company could improve on the "Before-stock-sending-out-check" section as you'll never know who may link the "Wrong items again" issue to "How good is your QC-check in production".
          Above are just my personal thought and opinions. I'll still order again from them.
          Lastly, again thanks heap to Pei Wen and the chef/staff behind.

          Lee Ian Lim

          Taste really yummy!

          Ajinkya Pawar
          Delicious cake

          One of the best for sugar free gluten free cakes.

          Ng Lee Min
          Dense rich less guilt dessert!

          Lovely, it's rich and i like that it's sugar free. It may not have the nice feuilletine crunch like the usual version but my less picky boys still like it


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