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I Longevity Peach Brownie Upsize

Unique tasting Peach Brownie but the peach taste can be slightly stronger 👍

Nice & delicious cake

A bit more expensive to buy direct from your website than from shoppee. Sort of disappointing

CNY Rabbit 4 pcs Macarons Set

Overall very nice and presentable CNY macaroon! Love it! The taste was very nice too, just a bit sweet for me.
Hope in future will have low sugar version haha.

Satisfied with my purchase!

Bought the unicorn cake and birthday macarons for my daughter’s birthday and she loved it! This is the second time I purchased a birthday cake from Annabella Patisserie. 👍🏻

Brownies 10pcs (5 Flavours x 2pcs) | Limited Qty 1st100 | $12.80 Only

10pcs birthday girl macaroons in a gift box

The macaroons is delicious. The packaging is beautiful. My daughter loves it. I ordered for my grand-daughter (her daughter) 1st bday. 🥰😍

The Best Macarons

Definitely the best macaron you can ever find. It is not too sweet, very presentable (comes with the plastic tier!) and the texture is just right. My kids love them!

Happy Rabbit Year

The design is cute and attractive to kids
Taste is sweet and delightful

Happy Rabbit Year | Prosperity Macaron Tower

The design for the CNY series is super cute. All the macaron taste very nice. Highly recommended!


The sponge cake is soft and the frosting was not overly sweet. The macarons as usual are superb. Love them.

Good buy

Beautiful & yummy! Will buy agn

Hard texture and too sweet

The brownie is below expectation considering the price is on a high end.

Choice of macaron flavours represent festive cheer

The selected flavours with their colours gave a festive feel to the box of 30. Our guests like the macarons. I felt I should have bought another box of premium series and/or the C3,4 series. This would have given my guests a wider choice and to indulge in the other nice ones too. I had bought macarons, through Food Panda delivery, for our own "indulgence", that's why I decided to include macarons as a CNY "goodie". The CNY card is pretty too.

Well packaged

Nicely individually packed 👍🏻

Happy Rabbit Year! Happy Hamper Set

The 3 boxes of macarons were packed in a nice gift box appropriate for the season.
I bought 9 boxes. They made wonderful CNY gifts for my loved ones.

Lovely Macarons that suits every occasion

All kids love it especially with the cute designs and quality macarons that is made of good quality and worth every dollar paid!

Website faulty, messages mixed up, service recovery ok

I ordered three sets with messages to be delivered to three different locations. The website was faulty and didn’t capture my messages at the first instance, so I sent my order numbers and respective messages via whatsapp to the admin. Since the admin seemed blasé about my messages at first, I requested for said admin to send me images from each order to ensure the correct messages were going to the correct addresses. She said they were unable to do that but would ensure the messages were for the correct orders. Fast forward to delivery day, and sure enough, one of the orders received the wrong message. It was highly embarrassing for both the sender as well as the receiver! The recipient informed me about it, and I immediately informed the admin via whatsapp. Without missing a beat, the admin offered me a refund on the gift message, which I take to mean that this happens pretty often! Please understand that money is not the issue here, but the unhappiness of the recipient and the embarrassment of the giver is worth more than any recovery service you can offer. If I may offer two suggestions: (1) Please fix your website and (2) ask your admin not to call customers “dear” as it comes across as really condescending.

Beautiful and Delicious Macarons

The macarons are beautifully decorated. The taste and packaging is nice (With the CNY cards). The customer service is great and the macarons were promptly delivered. Thank you!

Great gift

I placed 2 different set orders as CNY gifts for 2 different close friend and both were very happy and amazed with it. I am also very happy with the good customer service who made sure that the messages for my orders were properly worded… thank you very much

Awesome Signature Golden Butter Cookie

Their butter cookie is very delicious and it really melts in your mouth. Tasted very good, will re-order.

Review on Macarons (30pcs)

The macarons were delicious and the delivery was prompt.


Tasty, melt in the mouth macaroons!

CNY Rabbits 4 pcs Macarons Set


Tiramisu Petite

Bestseller n my family likes it too! Great for such offer